Baltic amber infrared sauna, innovative Amber Relax Luxus SPA, amber mosaic tiles

  • €110.00

We would like to invite you to visit our eco-friendly   ‘AMBER RELAX LUXUS’, wellness parlor in Vilnius (Latviu str.7).

Price(  for 2 persons) - €110,00  Duration: 2 hours      

SAUNA based on combination of infrared rays and minerals+  massage  chair + relax on amber and jade thermal massage tables.    Amber water, amber massage oils,  amber powder.     Reservation is required :  +370 69872190,               

                                         While heating, amber educes amber acid and micro elements which make a positive impact on a human’s organism due to their antiseptic and healing properties.  

 We also take custom orders for amber and other semi-precious stones tiles and plates for home decor and saunas. Indicated price is for a small infrared sauna.

Thickness of the plate: 1,8  to 2,0  cm;

Price: 1,00€/ cm2 for amber plate

           0,50€/ cm2 for jade plate

For tiles and plates :


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