UAB "AMBER". About us

Amber violinFor more than 27 years our company has been creating Baltic amber jewelry and accessories.

In 1997 our Baltic Amber Sculpture Museum was founded and registered by the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania. All amber pieces displayed there, are hand crafted by our artists. The Amber Museum exhibits have been representing Lithuania at EXPO and at numerous international exhibitions worldwide.

We have developed a unique amber coating technique that allows us to create various accessories, as well as musical instruments and furniture with mesmerizing amber coating.
Since 2005, the Amber Museum became a member of Vilnius Association of Ethnographic crafts and fairs, where we took part in all its programs.
Several years ago we changed the museum interior by turning it into an “Amber Room”, and designing it with more than 500 kg of amber. It made our museum one of a kind, and it is widely visited by tourists from all over the world.

In 2010 we opened an Amber and Mineral Therapy Spa Center in Vilnius, where we offer innovative infrared amber and other minerals heat treatments.